Unique Real Estate Videos

...highlighting the property and area lifestyle


Do you want your property to stand out and grab a buyer's attention? We create real estate promotional videos and virtual reality tours that sell your property.

For professional produced real estate promotional videos: Pro Air Media produces quality videos to suit each individual property which will accelerate a buyers decision and add value to your property. We will style the video to suit your budget and can incorporate indoor and outdoor footage and/or still photos, local area footage, overhead footage, audio voice-overs, agent and client video interviews, voice and text overlays and other post production elements to highlight your property. We will then publish the video online and even provide a QR link for use in printed media and signage.

- Listing with a real estate video has a 400% increase in enquiry rate -
- As high as 90% of buyers now come from a digital source -
- Research shows that a visitor who watched a product video is 85% more likely to purchase than if they haven't -
- It is also estimated that an online videocast promotion can have up to a 6% increase in perceived property value -
- Videocasting a property better showcases not only the key points of the property but also the lifestyle of the area and local neighbourhood surround -

Using the latest 360 degree panoramic view digital camera technology, Pro Air Media also produces virtual reality tour productions to immerse your buyer into the virtual realm where they can literally walk through your property and take full look around just like they were actually there in person. Here is a great example:
(virtual reality tour showing aerial overview property and inside of cabin)

Here's also a quick look at various formats of real estate videocasts for you to get an idea what might work best for you to help sell your property:

Let us help you sell that property!
Let us put a video or virtual reality tour together that will highlight your property and lifestyle to buyers everywhere. Contact us so we can produce a video that will put your property above all others.